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I'm currently writing an epic Star Trek story, which is alternative POV tie-in for JunoMagic's Resilience of Hope. You can find it at AO3 or the Lower Decks website.

My DC Comics fics can be found here at Dreamwidth ([community profile] sector_2814, at Livejournal ([ profile] sector_2814) and at my own website (Aranel's DC Comics Fanfiction). I also run communities for fellow fans of Hal/Kyle here ([community profile] hal_kyle) and at LJ ([ profile] hal_kyle).

My first published fanfics were in Lord of the Rings fandom. You can find those fics at Ivyverse and Other Stories of Middle-Earth. Canatics be warned -- I believe canon is "guidelines more than rules". ;-)

My policy for Transformative Works based on my stories can be found here. I am very supportive of transformative/derivative works, so please do not hesitate to contact me if you would like to do a fanwork based on any of my stories, characters, or settings!
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