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Juno guilted convinced me to do this meme:

Hey, once you get this, say five nice things about yourself, and then pass it on to ten of your followers.


1. I guess I’m a pretty cool mom. It’s a nerd kid’s paradise at our house. :-D

2. I’m loyal. I’m sticking with my Elder Scrolls Online Guild, even though it seems to be slowly dying and fading away. *cries*

3. I’m helpful. Which isn’t always a good thing, because sometimes that means I try to troubleshoot things for people when all they really wanted to do was rant. (Haha, look, Juno’s nodding her head ;-) ) And sometimes it leads me to take on more than I can handle. But I will try my best.

4. I’m adventurous. Food, travel, fandom… Life’s too short to get stuck in a rut. I’m willing to try just about anything, and I’ve found lots of hidden treasures because of it, whether it’s a winery off the beaten path, or a recc’d fic I wouldn’t have normally searched for.

5. I haven’t built a volcano lair to take over the world. Yet.

I’m not going to pass it on to ten specific people, because I’m not even sure who all is still reading this! So everyone is tagged. EVERYONE. ;-)

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